An artist in statu nascendi.

Combining diverse art expressions in order to enhance the listening experience during concerts.

Creator of Muïesis (or Muiesis) - the alternative performane practice; more information on: www.muiesis.com

Conception and creation of the SINN-REICH-Abend multimedia event including own compositions of sound, language and image;

e.g. Gespinstegarten (Garden of Imagination)  an interactive multimedia concert series (see details at prose).

Exhibitions of artistic photography in a musical-poetical surrounding;
e.g. Geschichte einer Ewigkeit. Eine Liebe in Bildern (watch demo).


Recitals following a Leitmotiv with all musical works being related to each other through interludes and improvisation; e.g. Kurzweil-Klänge, Abide with me (see details at prose).

Interdisciplinary programmes: music and acting by one performer;
e.g. Sing, Soul Bird, sing! (see details at prose).

Cross-section repertoire: music from Gregorian Chant to the 21st century;
e.g. Les pensées libérées. Befreite Gedanken (Liberated thoughts)
 (watch demo).

Crossover programmes: integrating unconventional musical styles within a “classical” piano recital.

Integrating own transcriptions and improvisation;
e.g. Dalla gioia all'animo. All Freud und hoher Mut (Of Joy and Courage) (watch demo).

Music and Space: concert programmes tailored to specific locations;
e.g. On Magic and Enchantment. Zauber und Magie (see details at prose).

Concert series on specific topics;
e.g. Spiel mit 88 Farben (2009/10), Alles, was gut, ächt und schön ist. Eine Betrachtung: Mozart (2011) (see details at prose).

Sound Alchemy: "musica rara" interacting with well-known works;
e.g. Musik und Poesie. Eine Symbiose (see details at prose).


Creation and production of audio dramas; e.g. Wenn ich auf diesem Weg (watch demo)

Programme notes and recitals including a presentation of all featured works following a poetical approach.

Heloïse Ph. Palmer live: development.
Heloïse Ph. Palmer online: channel on youtube.com & 
channel on vimeo.com

Reviews about current and recent programmes and performances / Rezensionen auf Deutsch:

Das Leben ein... - Life's a...
in speculo speculorum: SPIEGELWEISE
Sing, Vogel meiner Seele, sing! - Sing, Soul Bird, sing!

Abide with me. Bleib stets mir treu
Dalla gioia all'animo. All Freud und hoher Mut & Les pensées libérées. Befreite Gedanken
various shows. diverse Programme
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Author and publisher (Feb. 2014) of "Ohne sie, wo wärest Du?" , Interview about the book

information page about Heloïse Ph. Palmer's literary activities: http://heloisepalmer.blogspot.de

2 interviews (May 2014) about Muïesis and about Gespinstegarten
NEW interview on Muïesis, listening and performing music in CONVERSATIONS


For further information and news watch also : www.heloisepalmer.com

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